If you can dream it,
you can do it!

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life was when I reached the peak of Kilimanjaro in 2014. Standing there, beholding all of Africa, I realized that anyone can pursue their dreams – and I want to help them happen, no matter how crazy they are”

Troels Bulow-Olsen

Meet Troels

I am a results-driven CEO with more than 25 years’ experience in the financial sector. As the CEO for Totalkredit for many years, I have had a key role in creating one of the largest operators within the mortgage sector by introducing a unique business model to the market, which unites competing financial institutes and forms a working partnership. I am also a proud co-creator of a well- functioning, performance orientated organisational culture. I have the ability to realise the potential of ideas and put them to practice by engaging and involving my employees and co-workers. I can be both insistent and persistent, but my leadership style is also tolerant and open.

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“Troels Bülow-Olsen is in some way the frontrunner for the many fin-tech companies that pop up like mushrooms around Denmark and the rest of the world.”

“He was to a great extent involved in disrupting the financial sector at the beginning of 1990” 

– Claus Iversen, Jyllands-Posten


Business strategy and vision: Making visions come alive

Experienced in working in strategic planning. Strength and interest for both long-term vision and tactical execution. A comprehensive understanding of market shifts with the ability to find new opportunities in a tradition-based market, which is very competitive. Also a believer in bringing ideas to life: How can your crazy dream disrupt the existing market model?

Leadership: Known for promoting ‘High Performance’

Experienced in making extensive improvements in cooperation in organizations. Focus on clear and simple communication, throughout the whole change process. Ability and desire to create a connection between the business goal and that of the behavior and actions of employees executing it. Motivation is the keyword.

Network: Develop relationships and partnerships to something unique

Skillful in creating and maintaining relationships where it is essential to achieve the best result. Figurehead of the partnership between competing financial organizations in Totalkredit with the proven ability to create a working cooperation.

Financial knowledge: Combining experience with the development of new business models

A comprehensive awareness of both the market and institutions, from many years of holding a senior position within the financial sector. In addition an experienced insider’s view and interest for the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Also known for adapting the ‘Danish Realkredit Model’ in the development of a similar Mexican solution, taking into consideration the local knowledge and culture.

Professional experience

2018 – present: Chairman / board member

  • Opendo, Chairman and CO-founder
  • Jutlander Bank, board member (special experience from the financial sector)
  • Brickshare, Chairman and investor
  • AP Ejendomme, Chairman, building new strategy

2018 – present: Bülow-Olsen & Co.

  • Building strong partnerships on top of “we do better together”; making board members or leaders perform as a team, keeping the company’s best interest and governance in mind.
  • Making the visions of leaders, chairmen and company owners become alive; what are their ideas for the future, and how do they make them real?
  • Building the best mortgage model in the world; customizing the Danish model to different cultures using local knowledge and financial insights.

1990 – 2018: Co-founder Totalkredit

  • Building the company from scratch to achieve a 45% market share.
  • Developing Denmark’s largest provider of mortgages to privately owned properties with 750,000 customers.
  • Building strong partnership consisting of 60 local and regional financial institutions and over 10,000 advisors.
  • Believed in and implemented ‘Blue Oceans’ strategies in the financial world, in order to develop and consolidate Totalkredit’s business foundation.
  • Totalkredit was sold to Nykredit in 2003 for more than 11bn dkk.

2007 – 2018: CEO of Totalkredit

  • Built a new Totalkredit organization to focus on effective use of the partnership through the financial crises 2007 – 2010.
  • Leaving Totalkredit as the biggest, financial company success in Denmark since 1990.

2007 – 2018:  Nykredit Mægler (board member)
2003 – 2008:  Implement “the Danish model” in Mexico
1990 – 2007:  CIO/business development manager, Totalkredit
2006 – 2006:  Research for EU in Ukraine
1988 – 1990:  Management consultant, Price Waterhouse
1987 – 1988:  COO and CEO, Dansk Ejendomsdata
1984 – 1987:  Project manager, BRFkredit
1981 – 1984:  Business manager, Værdipapircentralen
1976 – 1981:  Several positions, Danske Bank

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