Project Description

instead of ownership

Opendo is a partnership between six Danish banks and an insurance company that offers new financing solutions through the advisors of banks. They make leasing flexible and financial solutions simple through newly developed IT technology for business customers.

“We are in the midst of a global movement where consumers are moving away from wanting to own to wanting to ‘access’. In other words, to pay for things when we need them and avoid it when we don’t. That leaves banks with a choice – will they play a role in the new economy, or not?”

– Troels Bülow-Olsen (2020)

Some numbers

“Convenience” is the most important factor in deciding access over ownership

of adults believe people will own less and have access to more in the future
of adults want less ownership
is the share of private leased car in Denmark has grown in a few years
of all equipment is now leased in Europe. The share of leased equipment has increased by 10% in 2018

A new future

End of Ownership” needs a NEW banking model

  • Change from ownership to access means fewer classic banking products

  • Requires digital experience for the customer

  • Easy tools for banking advisers

  • New entrants offer “financial” products for example leasing and subscription bypassing the bank

  • Flexible price models

  • Constant development


  • Summer 2019 – Crazy dream developing

  • October 2019 – Building partnership with 6 banks/1 insurance company

  • November 2019 – Designing IT and building new strategy

  • December 2019 – Community, name and structure

  • January 2020 – Company partnership

  • January 2020 – Company partnership

  • March 2020 – 400 users, 250 customers

  • Summer 2020 – Opendo version 2.0